Fountaine Pajot launches hydrogen powered cruising catamaran

Following its ambitious Odyssea 24 strategic plan, Foutaine Pajot Group, number two worldwide in the design and manufacture of cruising catamarans, in collaboration with EODev, has designed and built the world’s first hydrogen-powered cruising catamaran: the Samana 59 Smart Electric REXH2.

With more than 15 years of engaging in sustainable development and the will to preserve the Ocean for generations to come, the Fountaine Pajot Group enters today a new dimension of environmental commitment. The development of the Smart Electric range and conception of our latest catamarans, the Aura 51 Smart Electric and Samana 59 Smart Electric REXH2, contribute in speeding the environmental transformation of the yachting industry on a global scale.

Fountaine Pajot and Eodev: a visionary partnership

The partnership established for the launch of the very first SAMANA 59 catamaran equipped with EODev’s REXH2® technology is an achievement and the beginning of a new era in the yachting industry.

Several factors started this collaboration. Fountaine Pajot’s desire to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030 through its Odyssea 24 strategic plan, EODev’s commitment to finding and applying zero-emission solutions, and the common desire to propose a new sustainable model for recreational boating.

Facing today’s decarbonization challenges, the SAMANA 59 Smart Electric REXH2, offers to yachtsmen zero emissions, noiseless, fumeless, and odorless solutions, allowing all to continue enjoying the sea, without impacting it. With the use of zero emission technologies, Fountaine Pajot leads, with EODev, the way to the new era of yachting.

‘‘In the context of the environmental transition, a core part of our 2024 strategic plan, Fountaine Pajot demonstrates here its positioning as an innovation platform. The choice of EODev technology is an illustration of our desire to bring together experts in solutions that benefit everyone, and to give substance to our ambition of achieving carbon neutrality by 2030, in the production of boats and their use. We are proud and happy to be among the forerunners and look forward to taking further steps in the deployment of clean solutions” Romain Motteau, Deputy CEO, Fountaine Pajot

‘‘We are delighted that a French shipyard has decided to take the plunge. Having confidence in our solutions is one thing, convincing people that they are accessible and relevant to the yachting industry is another, as many continue to rely on diesel generators because they are simple and cheaper. It is thanks to collaborations such as the one with Fountaine Pajot that we will be able to accelerate the energy transition of the maritime sector, it is urgent. Fountaine Pajot’s response rises to the challenge, and its long-term vision is a perfect demonstration that the future of the sector starts now”  Jérémie Lagarrigue, CEO, EODev

Smart electric REXH2, how does it work?

Fresh out of our boatyard, the Samana 59 Smart Electric is a sailing catamaran equipped with alternative energy solutions and EODev’s electro-hydrogen REXH2.

To reduce its carbon impact, the Samana 59 Smart Electric has a virtuous energy architecture composed of a REXH2 that can provide up to 70 kW of continuous power, a battery composed of LiFePO4-EVEPOWER (Lithium Iron Phosphate) cells of 63kWh integrated by EVE SYSTEM and Alternatives Energies and 42 m2 of «Slim» type solar panels that can provide up to 6145 W. This energy mix allows to take advantage of all the embarked renewable energies (solar, wind). In port, the crew can fill up with hydrogen and recharge the batteries if necessary.

The management of all these technologies is ensured by a Smart Cruising functionality, an automated Power Management System which ensures a simple and intuitive piloting of this high technology.

About REXH2

With its compact design of barely one cubic meter, the REXH2® equipped with the latest generation of Toyota fuel cells is currently, in regard to the power delivered, the most compact and efficient marine generator on the market.

The R&D carried out by EODevs’ team has allowed a perfect adaptation to the extreme conditions of a marine environment, and reaches powers of 70 kW per unit, going up to 700kW when mounted in series. It is the flexibility in its implementation that makes REXH2® an ideal custom-made hydrogen solution for the supply of decarbonated energy at sea.

(Fountaine Pajot launches hydrogen-powered cruising catamaran – – April 2023)