Cantieri Navali Mostes, competence and passion

The Mostes Shipyard meets the needs of modern shipowners with its three production sites in Pra’, Marina Genova Aeroporto, and Varazze

by Massimo Longoni

When passion becomes an actual profession the result is always outstanding. Experience, willpower, commitment and care for detail are the essence of a shipyard that needs to measure itself with boats, which are a part of international yachting history. The history of Mostes Shipyards in Genoa began in 1926. In almost a century, it has created valuable boats with highly competitive performances such as its 12-foot S.I. dinghies, Snipes, Flying Juniors, Stars, and a 5.50 S.I. for the Olympic Games in Melbourne.

In addition to the construction of new pleasure boats, the shipyard in Marina di Varazze can guarantee permanent assistance for any kind of need for boats of up to 30 metres in length thanks to its three yards of more than 10,000 square metres, covered hangars of more than 5,000 square metres, and three modern workshops.

Furthermore, the yard has also built boats for famous owners, including Aristotle Onassis, Virna Lisi and Renzo Piano, and for internationally acclaimed designers like Sparkman & Stephens, Van de Stadt, William Gardner, Carlo Sciarelli, Michel Dufour, for whom it built the legendary Arpèges. All through its existence, the shipyard has chosen to remain within an artisanal dimension. Being a craftsman means to continue working with dedication and passion, despite everything and everyone. This turns into boats rigorously built by hand, unique pieces, like true works of art.

Main services provided

– Renovation and transformation.
– Mechanical operations on engines with authorized assistance.
– Creation and control of electric and electronic systems.
– Wooden carpentry and teak decks.
– Interior and exterior furnishing and upholstery.
– Partial or total paint jobs.
– Sandblasting.
– Osmosis and anti-corrosion treatment on hulls of any type and quality.
– Refrigeration, air conditioning and insulation systems.
– Renewal of safety inspections and documentation.
– Dismasting of sailboats.
– Replacement of rigging.

To Mostes, manual skill and craftsmanship are synonymous with originality, uniqueness, and care for detail. In 2006, the shipyard was acquired by new partners with the desire to enhance this heritage of skills and nautical culture to increase its productivity. In sixteen years, its employees went from two to 33 and the sites became three, two in Genoa – one in Pra’ and the other at the Marina Aeroporto – and one inside the Marina di Varazze. In particular, the acquisition of the yard in the Marina di Varazze allowed the company to expand its users’ target, as it can now easily handle boats of up to 150 tonnes of displacement and 30 metres in length overall.

Refits in the past two years

– Morgan 93: complete repainting in Awl Grip of the bulwarks and transom, creation of a spray rail to limit the flow of water while sailing, supply and installation of a gyro stabilizer, various carpentry operations on interior and exterior.
– Swan 76: complete repainting of the topside and superstructure, osmosis treatment on the quickwork, a remake of the deck in teak.
– Wally 47: complete repainting, supply and installation of the new engine, a remake of all cushions.
– Southern Wind 78: masting and dismasting, painting of the mast, osmosis treatment on the quickwork, remodelling of one cabin.
– Admiral 24m: bevelling and remaking the seams on deck, a remake of the stern hatch, resealing all windows, check-up of all on-board systems.
– CNB 76: masting and dismasting, replacement of forestays, bevelling and remaking the seams on deck, check-up of all onboard pumps, operations on the bodywork.
– Wally 77: masting and dismasting, a remake of the deck in teak, repainting of superstructure and cockpit.

The facilities in Varazze have state-of-the-art installations: carpentry, mechanical and engine workshop, and hangars provided with all the necessary equipment for painting and processing fibreglass and its by-products. In addition to the construction of new pleasure boats, the shipyard guarantees permanent assistance for any kind of need thanks to three yards of about 10,000 m2 and covered hangars of about 5,000 m2 that also host three modern workshops for mechanical, engine, and electronic operations.


Hauling and launching are performed thanks to a 160-tonne travel lift, a 65-tonne crane and another 100-tonne crane. The yard is equipped to guarantee all ordinary and extraordinary maintenance operations, from the processing of fibreglass, including cycles for osmosis treatment to wood processing thanks to its well-equipped carpentry. The mechanical workshop provides lathes, milling machines, and other necessary equipment to service inboard and outboard engines. All this is managed by qualified and highly professional personnel. The hangars are covered and equipped with an air treatment system to perform any kind of paint job in controlled and dust-free environments, as well as resin and composite processing, structures in metal and light alloys, sandblasting, a fire-fighting system with fire extinguishers and hydrants, compressed air systems, water and electrical outlets.

Unique Yachts ML110bc

Mostes, with its brand Unique Yachts, presents the ML110bc. A luxury long-distance cruise yacht characterised by the high efficiency of the waterlines to ensure low consumption and ease in managing the yacht even with a reduced crew. This is a semi-custom project that each owner can complete according to his or her specific needs to best enhance the large interior spaces. The crew can use separate staircases to move across the different levels of the boat. The navigation bridge provides an excellent view and the two side doors allow for supervision of docking manoeuvres from outside. There are two stairs on the starboard and port bulwark. The stern platform allows you to comfortably enjoy the beach for swimming and easily move the tender.

(Cantieri Navali Mostes, competence and passion – – January 2023)